I just watched a GETV video about using twitter updates to activate a vibrator, so you can “feel” messages.

Ya know, I had a very popular “Vibe Me, Baby” webpage back in 97 & 98.

People could page me with funny messages from the web. (It was very innovative back then.

I remember it being one of the first times I grasped “digital intimacy” and the way we can be connected via the web.

Vibe Me, Baby I,II,III, IV,V , VI VI and VIII are aching to be read.

Later I actually did experiments with Dildonics (controlling sex toys via the web) while I lived in a webcam house. One time I had people in multiple states vibrating different parts of my body. heh.
I actually did a demo on a Channel 4 doc in the UK. I’ll see if I can find the footage (EDIT: Found it! scroll below!).

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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