sadness vs. tragedy

While I was cleaning out my grandpa’s vacant cocoon at Wesley Palms, a good friend was attending a memorial for a 14 year old girl.

I’m sad that my grandpa has passed, but it his death is far from tragic.

Finding the right perspective makes the sadness almost pleasant.

3 thoughts on “sadness vs. tragedy”

  1. it is sadness because you miss someone you love so much ~ then you realize what an amazing and full life he lived .. and how much he gave back to EVERYONE .. he was the true epitome of God’s light …. and when you realize that there are others who suffer tragedy you realize the value of your own time ….

    he is smiling down on you John … ever so proud of the legacy that he began and you can continue for him …

  2. Sadness is going to be there, hon. His loss will affect you and countless others forever. But you’er right, it was not tragic. You see, Grandpa Caleb had lived a GOOD life, (not to be confused with longevity, though he lived a long life as well), and when he passed, he didn’t really “go away.” He left his old body behind and, as you indicated, became a beautiful butterfly…and when that butterfly leaves its body behind, Caleb will again become something beautiful. That’s what happens to the spirits who love to love.

    The child’s life lost was tragic, but rest assured, her spirit will also continue to glow forever, because EVERY life touches us, if only for a blessed moment.

    Know that my heart is heavy with the loss of your Grandpa, John. It is also heavy in knowing that your heart is aching.

    Much love

  3. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I agree with Raven, celebrating a life so full. I have a sort of envy for people who have passed. I believe that we all come here to do something, for a greater purpose and we are only taken when that job is done. Regardless of how big or how small or how long or short life is precious and when someone close to us, esp. one who has lived such a full life, leaves they have fulfilled their purpose and that is feat i admire most. What are we all here to do?
    My he rest in peace. I hope you feel better soon.

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