Oh, boy…
My system fell apart today. My bowels have been having an (aggressive) identity crises. I took some medicine and have been in bed all day. Stomach in knots, huddled in a ball under my blanket trying to sleep.

Not sure if it was late night falafel, or an expired protein bar, or the tap water.
But my body has staged a rebellion for my final day in Budapest.

Luckily, I had everything I had to do completed. Just missed out on some shopping and time with friends (and basic comfort).

I’m really hoping this is through me before I start my 18 hours of flying tomorrow. I’ll pray for an aisle seat.

poetry on the Danube

Several people from the US warned me to be careful yesterday.
And after the encounter with some neo-nazis, it was a fair sentiment.
But I went on a walk by myself yesterday late afternoon, anyway.
I started to notice more and more stares that were without a hint of smile.
Occasionally I heard laughing and comments in Hungarian that felt like taunts.

I actually started to feel like the world was unfriendly.

So I got away form the crowds, sat down on a park bench that overlooked the Danube, and enjoyed the sunset’s colors as they began to gather on the horizon.

It was stunning as the colors, clouds, and century old building tops began their slow sunset performance.

I took out my video camera and began to record myself speaking about the beauty, and the lack of love I was feeling.

Then an older Swedish man sat down next to me and struck up a deep conversation with me.

He told me about his family, his business, and his family’s path to Sweden as “facilitated” by the Nazis and a heroic Swedish ambassador.

He was a talker…but it was cool. He seemed unphased and uninterested in my visual “oddness.” After my jeer-speckled walk, it was a nice break.

More than a break, it was if he was sent as an angel to quell my doubt.

When my faith in humanity wavered…within moments “Sam from Sweden” arrived to remind me that the world would rather hug me than hurt me.

The universe can be downright poetic sometimes.