Easter Weekend

How fitting that so many emotional family activities happened on Easter weekend.
A weekend about birth and death.
A beautiful service. The minister’s remembrance was awesome. He painted a picture of Grandpa’s life as a pastor that I hadn’t really thought of. “Think of how many miles of hospital corridors he walked down during his years of service. Think of how many hands he held through times fo pain. How many eyes he looked into when people were overcome with doubt…”
I also loved the way he described Caleb’s calling to god as a “hammer to the heart.”
I spoke last at the service and got a little choked up in the middle. But people said they appreciated my words.

The weekend was bitter sweet. Filled with emotional moments.

Going through Grandparent’s things. Going through pictures.
Looking at an old worn ring, wondering, “What is the significance?” And knowing there is no living voice that can answer.
Smiling and laughing at old photos.
Smiling and laughing with baby caleb. And 4 other great grandchildren.
Hugging family.
Feeling proud that I honored my grandpa as best I could.
Feeling proud that I have been shaped by him.
Feeling scared at what comes next.
Feeling blessed and proud to be a part of Rev. Shikles’ tribe.

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