One thought on “the meaning of ((HUGS))”

  1. I just randomly fell on your site. Not only did I think you were ridiculously attractive and sporting a colour I make look good. ^_^ I do like what you had to say. I agree that technology has created a chasm in social relationships, which is odd considering that it’s open the door to faster social interaction and communication. Despite the contradictory nature, it is dificult to provide this sense of appreaciation without a) appearing insincere as that fellow you describe considered you to be, b) a possible stalker—desparate for any smidgen of attention by strangers, c) a loony tune.

    In any event, I think you have the right idea. I do think there should be alevel of caution, but at the same time, after a level conversation and possibly appreciation of someone’s statement or just presence early in the late hours of the day like 3am when there are four people on, knowing that there are others as sleep deprived as you and giving a ((hug)) shouldn’t be a problem and should probably be welcome. I think the caution has taken over the lives of many and people have moved from living but co-existingi with anonimity. A personal move even said through comp seems threatening when I’d say take it and move on.

    ((hugs)) are a good thing. ^_^


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