HugNation @ 1pm (and site upgrades!)

I’m very excited about HugNation today!!
Join us a little before 1pm in the lounge.

1) I’m going to talk about what “Float more, steer less” means.

2) Spotman has implemented 2 site upgrades

Now you register for the chatroom and forum with one username. (no more changing your name at will)
 We now have twitter integration! This is a very beta feature. But you users can send a hug or message to the Lounge chatroom from your phone, using twitter!  Just send a message to @hugnation !!!  (That means you can participate online, even if you are nowhere near a computer!)

3) If you missed it, here is last week’s hug from my parents’s house:

Online Videos by


Online Videos by


-john halcyon

extra Hug Stuff

1) Yes, I have heard about the outlawed Hugging in Virginia.  I would love to help out if anyone knows how we can send him some “huggable buttons” let me know!  (We helped a Reno Girl fight her school’s anti-hugging policy earlier in the year.)

2) I was interviewed about HugNation @ the Webbies:

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3) need a Hug Banner? you can steal this one if you want:

4) We are working towards a schedule for the west coast HugMobile tour.  If you might be willing to help host a hug, let us know in the forum!