My 5 Word Speech

The Webby Awards allow winners to give a 5 word speech.

Only 5 words. Like some sort of geek haiku.

It’s great because it forces people to be pretty darn creative.

In 2000, I used my 5 words to play charades.

This year I tried to so something along the same lines.

My speech didn’t work well in text…But I’m really happy with how it felt.

It was like a ‘21 Hug Salute’ to Grandpa.

I felt authentic in that moment.

I felt like I was sitting in the still truth that roots Hug Nation.

I was standing in Love.

THANK YOU to everyone who is a part of Hug Nation. Thank you for all the love.

the speech:

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16 thoughts on “My 5 Word Speech”

  1. No one could have said something so meaningful so eloquently, no matter how they try. Those five words put a lot into a simple demonstration of agape, and only our Savior could have done better. May you continue to be blessed, and may God smile upon your work, for you are carrying out the Great Commandment.
    My prayers and hopes go with you everywhere, and keep up the good work.

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