Father’s Day was wonderful. I love that my brother is now included in the celebrated.

We had a nice brunch and then took a walk on the beach.

Dad & Me:
_REBELfathersday 052

my brother, the dad:
_REBELfathersday 044

We also watched a video from last Father’s Day…

A year ago today, Grandpa Caleb met his great grandson Caleb for the first time:

Online Videos by Veoh.com


It has been a busy couple weeks for me.  I have been having a frantic and amazing time addressing the extra attention from the Yahoo article and webby awards. 

But in the middle of it all, I attended an awesome gathering in LA called PIXELODEON.

Here’s a video by Mickipedia where myself and a number of vlogges explain their deepest fears.

and a few pics from the event by Clintus

and some more pics by Spotman while being interviewed by Viral (watch the episode.)
Good times!!!!!

HUG NATION @ 1pm (pacific)

This should be quite a gathering today in the Lounge. I have a special Grandpa story planned. If you are free, I really hope you join us! (Also, since we anticipate a crowd, thanks in advance for your tech patience)

Wherever you are today at 1pm, take just a moment to hug yourself and feel the connection.
There are countless moments in your week that will distract you from who you really are. So just take a few seconds at 1:00 today to remember that you are a loving, vibrant part of the global human family. If you let yourself…you’ll feel it.

Online Videos by Veoh.com