Webby Awards (and Hug @ 1 PST)

The Webby Awards was SO much fun. I hugged Rob Courdry and Allison from the Office. (as well as dozens more.) Being known as “the hug guy” is pretty sweet.

They played a moving Grandpa tribute I made so everyone “got” HugNation by the time the show was over.

I’ll have video of my speech online soon. (And be online at 1 Pacific for a hug!)

press release about the win:


webcam suggestions…

I’m not sure if it is because of the mac laptop cam or slow connection…but I am having trouble with getting stickam to work from a hotel.

Any suggestions on how to broadcast hugnation tomorrow?

maybe a cyber cafe that has webcams /mic? Or a freind?

Or do it without me?

OR maybe I’ll have to postpone til wed?

Since this is the first hug since the yahoo article, It would have been nice to do it right.

Twitter Updates for 2007-06-02

  • At the tail end of the friday night social window… a few more minutes and I’ll give up the idea of an evening plan and just watch a DVD. #
  • In the last hour I eliminated any friday night plans that require driving/sobriety. #
  • @chuckumentary AMEN. I have the same prescription for the eve! #
  • packing list for New York: jeans, tshirts, clean undies, toiletries, digicam, and crazy outfit for awards show. #
  • its odd asking the oh-so-macho car painting companies for quotes on a hot pink RV paintjob. #

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Last Day of May

Yesterday was pretty incredible.

I woke up to a glowing Yahoo article and Videos.
Which caused my inbox to be filled with warm fuzzies.
I felt like Grandpa was sitting next to me as strangers and old friends connected with me and reflected back the HugNation love.

It was like a glorious love bath.

But I was also busy, busy, busy after I woke up!

I drove downtown, met a lawyer, and had my deposition taken for a lawsuit that has nothing to do with me.
I listened to a Jacob lecture while stuck in a traffic jam.
I met with my Grease Angel (mechanic) for n RV introduction.
I added the RV to my insurance (and it made my premium DROP $30!)
Bought myself renters insurance.
Did a beta launch of www.HugMobile.com
Saw the gorgeous, talented Natasha perform with WahBah.
Died my hair.
Slept like a baby.

I feel it so strongly, my body is tingling.

*Thank you B for the flowers!!!!*