Crafting Without Skill

You may know that while I have a mind that thinks up lots of crazy ideas, I lack the patience to learn many skills.

So occasionally I take on projects without any real clue of what I’m doing.

With that, I present you with another installment of “Crafting withOUT skill” This episode: The Comfortable Platform Shoes Experiment

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6 thoughts on “Crafting Without Skill”

  1. The one thing that concerns me about your footwear? The screw. I think it will be very important to put some sort of squishy inserts inside those shoes (like a Dr. Scholl’s gel innersoles) so that that screw is not pressing on your foot — because that little bump will seem like nothing at first, but it can start to hurt like hell as you wear the shoes. Tiny bumps and variations inside shoes can cause all kinds of problems and pains — take it from a woman — we know a lot about foot pain and shoes 😉

    The thing that cracks me up the most? Your shoe “slipcovers” — now that is CRAFTY!

    Good job on the recycling! They sure do look strong…heck, you used a drill to put them together 😀

    How much do you think the “Homo Sex Is Sin” people, from the Gay Pride video, were fuming when you skipped by with your pink umbrella and nipple rings?? Classic! It’s even funnier that you are not gay (not that they would dislike you any less) ;-P

  2. well, I assure you the screw is flush and underneath an insole. So I feel pretty safe about it. 🙂

  3. Fan-freakin-tastic!!!! Those are going to feel soooooooooooo nice at Burningman. I’m inspired – my closet better watch out – I feel some slicing and drilling coming on! Well done. Dr. Scholl’s would be proud!

  4. And I spent more than a hundred dollars for something to wear at the 2007 Burn…and it wasn’t nearly as awesome as yours. I know what I have to do next year. Thanks for sharing.

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