gift of gab

I was thinking about HugNation and the way I prepare for each week’s Tao Buffet story.

Occasionally it is a story I have told before, but usually I wing it.

I prepare a little bit, but I don’t plan out what I’m going to say. I have a basic 4 or 5 points, and then I just kinda let it flow. 🙂
Which is why I’m always asking, “Make sense?!” I’m generally not aware when I’m putting thoughts together clearly or not.

Its funny, I often understand what I was talking about much better after I watch myself during editing. 🙂

Talking on my feet has been a skill of mine since the end of college. Since a specific event, actually. Although I was scared beyond belief, I ended up being quite witty while a contestant on the TV Show STUDS. That experience of shining when the pressure was on gave me a confidence in my ability to hold my own in conversations, interviews, stage improve, whatever.

I’ve learned to let myself start falling and then trust my feet will fall in front of me (speech-wise). It’s like verbally trusting the flow: Float more, steer less. 😉

HugNation & Fire The Grid TODAY

Today is HugNation!

Join the huggable crew in the lounge for a quick taste of Tao Buffet and a love-filled group hug! (1pm Pacific)

Last week’s Hug:

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It is also the day for Fire The Grid.

Fire the Grid is a ‘heal the world’ movement that is asking everyone to focus positive energy for an hour at 11:11 GMT (which is 4:11 Pacific Time, I think)

There are some pretty “out-there” elements to it, but as far as I can tell it is in line with the intentions of HugNation. So might as well throw our good vibes behind the effort, as well. (Can’t hurt!)

So today we’ll be meeting in the chat lounge at 1pm (pacific) for a hug. And again at 4pm for a FireThe Grid gathering.