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Rev Jack Keikle read a number of my grandpa’s writings at the service in Colorado. This was my favorite. I think I may print out copies for Burning Man:


The World today is experiencing a great spiritual Seeking that cannot be contained or controlled by the Religious Systems. I can see how all of us are potentially unique spiritual beings. We are all connected — though we often do not realize it — with every other life, because we are connected with the One Source of All Life.

Many people are not “religiously” connected with some organized Expression of Faith, but are still Spiritual and are growing in that Spirituality. The World Religions deal so much with rituals, practices and belief Systems. One’s spirituality, I think is expressed in an intelligent inner Connection with the Divine in the world. To me it is “God’s Presence’ around, within, above, beneath, in, and through a mind and body touched by God.

I am so grateful to the Giver and Sustainer of Life that in my pilgrimage I have come to see that there is a vast difference between “Spirituality” and “Religion.” Often in Kiwanis, Lodges and Humanitarian clubs I saw more of the spirit of Christ, who to me is a Cosmic Savior, than in the activities of some churches. Today I see that seeking in “New Age” faiths, The “Jesus“ groups, ”Burning Man,” ‘Labryinths,” etc.


I rejoice in the “Seeking” and open search for Spirituality in many wonderful brothers and sisters I am finding in my old age. Praise God !

There is a Seeking.

Every person must forge his own spiritual path. “How we live, speak, and treat others is still the test of our Faith…This speaks more loudly than what we say.”

For me I see the Living Cosmic Christ as a permeator of the Creator’s inclusive Love for this special Creation. Many do not recognize this. Many do not know, or need to know, the inclusive power of unifying Love. It activates us. More and more, our world will sadly learn that Love is seeking larger residence in each of us. The Light still pushes back darkness. All man-made religions are being sorely tested today not only in Islam, the largest Faith on earth, but Judaism and Christianity in a crises of relevance to the liberated mind of men and women. Hinduism and Buddhism, too are seeking new Paths of relevance to mankind’s deepest needs.

No form of Institutionally can encapsulate or control spirituality. For me, the Cosmic Christ permeates the “Seeking Souls” of the earth both inside and outside the perimeters of all mysterious “Seeking.”

3 thoughts on “Grandpa's Writing”

  1. hey halcyon,
    i have never been to burning man in RL, but i do attend the one in SL. I have been going to the one in SL for three years now since SL started. SL is , which is a virtual reality place where people can build their own things. I was thinking it be nice if there was some mention of hugnation and grandpa caleb in SL.

  2. John:

    I just read about Grandpa Caleb — my life has been a completely crazy whirlwind for about a year now…things I never expected happened, things I never wanted to go through I grew through. I’ve been too long away from your writings, and his.

    While things were coming to a head last year leading up to this ridiculous adventure I’m on, Grandpa Caleb’s words and wisdom often brought me to tears. I can’t say I was saddened to learn of his passing, but I am sad for the Grandpa Caleb shaped whole in the consciousness of the universe…he’ll be missed.

    Thank you for introducing me to him.


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