the pleasure of homemade gifts

I am such a fan of homemade gifts and cards.

My family always makes cards for each other. My brother has become quite the photochop card artist, even.

And once in a while an online friend that I’ve never met physically, creates a physical gift that is truly touching.

Check out this SWEEEET board Kelly made for Huggy.
She said to bring it to Burning Man and lplace out so people can talk to Huggy/leave messages when I’m away from camp.    SO. COOL.

huggygift_Kelly 002


NOTE: If anyone wants me to bring something to burning man to burn, I will be happy to.  (anything that could be printed out, that it. Your words or scans) 
send to

here’s another reaaaalllly cool homemade gift from Pamela:

pamela_lovebag 011

2 thoughts on “the pleasure of homemade gifts”

  1. Ooooh… what awesome gifts! Now that I’m knitting again, you scarf will be under way soon! Hmm… I wonder if I can find more yarn to use to make a coordinating steering wheel cover. Does Huggy have a standard size steering wheel?

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