Back from Colorado. Prepping for Home.

I’m home.

After a beautiful visit to Manitoba Springs, CO.
Beautiful in scenery AND experience.
The moment when the woind caught Grandpa’s ashes…I felt a rush of magic.
And lots of family time.
And lots of Caleb J. time.
Lots of love.

Buut now I am home!
And it is CRUNCH TIME for burning man.
2 weeks/1 weekend before I leave. Time for my gluegun to earn it’s keep.

Annnnnd, here for those of you headed to Burning Man, I posted PART TWO of my Playa Tips & Tricks 2007.

In Part 2: Water , Clean clothes, & kickstand tips
And a bonus “bathroom” tip by my roomie, Shonda!

if you missed part 1:

I’m tearing up as I write this…

As I look outside my window, I can see the Hugmobile parked on the street.
It is 24 feet of pink glory.
I can hardly believe that 3 months ago, it only existed in my imagination.

But with the help of Spotman, John The Grease Angel, GriffinOne, and my Mom, I have adopted and transformed this neglected Winnebago into a pink chariot of love.

I’m tearing up as I write this.

I sometimes beat myself up for not doing everything I say I will. (How’s that book coming along, Johnny boy!?)

But I did it. I made my vision into reality.

And I truly feel that my grandpa was a part of the process. Not as some sort of overseeing ghost, but in the way he is a part of me as a mentor and guide.

To make sure he is also a part of the journey, GriffinOne & I mixed some of his ashes into the paint on both of The Hugmobile’s wings.

Of course, this is just the start. There is still Burning Man, and The Hug Tour, and all sorts of interior touches I’d like to add. But every day in Southern California will be a little bit pinker thanks to the birth of the HugMobile.

Am I proud? Yes, I am.

I think Grandpa would be, too.

griffinone 083

_griffinone 054

julyhuggy 019

crazed and happy

I am ending a many day string of fast paced scrambling.
Filled with travel, client work, Hugmobile deadlines, and more.
I even had 2 all nighters in the last week. This is especially crazy since I never even did all nighters in college.

Of course, I was never as passionate about my coursework as I am about the Hug Tour.
Or Burning Man.
Or my client work, for that matter.

I wanted to address a few things before I attempt to take a bit of a breather and slow the pace for the next few days.

I am heading to Colorado this weekend to spread Grandpa’s ashes on Pike’s Peak with my family. I’m really looking forward to it.
Not ALL his ashes, however. I have already set aside some to use in rituals of my own. Some will be brought to Burning Man. And some were used in #2…

The Hugmobile is painted!!! used his aerosol genius to give her WINGS! And we mixed some of Grandpa’s ashes in the paint so that he will forever be a part of the journey. (Pics and video to come on

There have been no nibbles as far as corporate sponsorship of the Hug Tour. But many HUGE hearted people have asked about donating to the cause. I have been so busy that I have not set that up. But I will soon! I truly appreciate all the thoughts and efforts. (If you know any hug-minded companies, send ‘em to:

#4) DVD
One of the reason I have been so busy is I have been finishing a Grandpa / Hug Nation Tribute DVD called “Love On Demand.” This will be a gift to people who support the Tour and the HugNation cause. Details on how to get yours will be available soon.

The Playa Approaches and I am SUPER excited. As of now, I am camping with Bat Country at 9:00 & Excesstuary. I’m planning on some events, including a HugNation Hug at Center Camp on Friday. (Details at the bottom of

#6) ((HUG))
HugNations have been amazing lately. I am soooo grateful for everyone who is adding their love energy to the experience in the live chats or via the archives. It really feels like something special. I truly feel the love.

Thank you for being a part of it all.
Thank you for shining your light.

p.s. In addition to my blogs, I am updating several times a day now at