life, death, and magic moments

It’s been an odd weekend.
A day filled with thoughts of family.
About life and death.

Had lunch with an old friend in town to visit a dying schoolmate.
(sad and overwhelming)

Spent time with my beautiful family.
(joyous and overwhelming)

And in between it all, trying to work out details of the tour to honor grandpa.
(intimidating and overwhelming)

But somehow, even though I feel like I’ve lost my footing a bit.
I still believe it can all be good.
“Floating more” also means letting go of the need to understand…
Letting go of “My Plan.”

Embracing the now (in an Eckhart Tolle sense.)

Working to find the beauty in the moment…whatever it is.

Seeing “The Beautiful Glass.”

For life is made of magic moments…
Moments of love and connection and joy and truth.

A life’s fullness is measured by these moments only.

To the many who have given me magic moments, electronically and in person, THANK YOU.

May your magic moments be plentiful and profound.

me and my brother
jim_cj_sept07 542

sis, brother, nephew, and my family-in law (in town from Ohio)
_cj_sept07 485

2 thoughts on “life, death, and magic moments”

  1. I love this photo… I think it’s wonderful… I don’t often comment on other people’s sites… but it really touched me… good on you… keep woking it baby… its worth it in the end…xxx

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