What is a Hug Tour?

What is a Hug Tour?

It’s not really like a band’s tour, since there is no entertainment.

It’s more like designating specific physical places (at specific times) as focusing points for positive, loving energy. (An unofficial pronoia flash mob)

I’ll give an explanation of the tour and a talk of some sort. Probably something about grandpa, HugNation, and something vaguely spiritual.

Then we’ll all hug.
It is an excuse to love
A reminder to feel the connection we have to every other person on the planet.

It is more about an *intention* than any specific activity.

And hopefully we’ll learn a little bit more about each other. Maybe share a tale or a laugh with other huggers.
We’ll know that, by being drawn to this same place, we probably have lots of overlap in values.

I mean, anyone who can appreciate Grandpa Caleb *and* me has to be a special type of person. 😉

Is it family friendly? Yes.
Is it religious? No.
Is it spiritual? Yes.
Does it contain crystals or Secrets? No.

I suggest you wear pink and wear a nametag. (I’ll bring a roll of “Hello, my name is ____” stickers.)

Feel free to bring gifts. (your presence counts. But you might be surprised how good it feels to share some of yourself (cookie, bracelet, fortune, song, carving, tea, chips & guac) with a stranger who becomes a new friend.

Hope to see you!!!

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