Hug Tour Press Release (spread the word!)

John Styn
SAN DIEGO, CA Sept. 28, 2007

“The Hugmobile Hits The Road”

After years of joining people together for virtual hugs online, HugNation is hitting the streets for a six city “Hug Tour.” They plan to turn digital connections into physical ones and prove their motto, “The world would rather hug you than hurt you.”

HugNation, the Webby Award-winning internet show where people gather around their computers for a virtual group hug, has been gaining international popularity over the last 2 years. Its non-denominational message of love and wisdom shared by 94-year old co-host, Grandpa Caleb, struck a warm chord in the cold cacophony of YouTube narcissism.

But what do you do when the co-host of your popular Internet TV Show dies?

John Styn, Grandpa Caleb’s co-host and grandson decided to, quite literally, march on.

After discussing the idea with Caleb’s friends and fans of the show, Grandson John decided to not only continue hosting the show at, but to organize a six city “Hug Tour” in honor of his Grandpa’s memory and message.

Last Valentine’s Day, shortly before Caleb passed, all the virtual HugNation participants were invited to Caleb’s retirement home for one last chance at a physical, in-person hug. Caleb shared some words, online participants met one-another in the flesh, and everyone hugged. John glowed about the day, “It was an amazing experience. The experience was truly uplifting and transforming for many of the people who joined. The Hug Tour is modeled after that magical gathering.”

So with Caleb’s physical passing, Grandson John and members of HugNation began organizing a “Hug Tour” where like-minded people could meet and share the love. In describing the purpose of the Hug Tour John says, “What is the purpose of a hug? There is none. It is merely an opportunity to connect and feel love. There are a million voices telling us to be afraid, to distrust, to put walls up. HugNation gives us permission to open up, even for a moment, and feel the love.”

The entire journey leading up to the adventure has been shared online at, including the process of painting the 24 foot “Hugmobile” pink with huge pink wings on the sides.
“We actually had the artist mix some of grandpa’s ashes into the paint. That way he will be a part of the journey, no matter where we go.”

The six city starts in Seattle on October 3rd before hitting Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and finishing in Grandpa Caleb’s final hometown, San Diego. (All hugs meet at 1:00 pm. Specific locations at All are welcomed to join. Participants are requested to come with open arms, open minds…and wear something pink.


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