Playa reflections


I’m processing the experiences from Burning Man right now.
Including the lessons from the Hugmobile’s Journey/breakdowns (see

I plan to have more words & video up soon. As well as more info on the Hug Tour in October and an uber special HugNation on tuesday. Thanks for the patience….The transition has not been easy.

Back from Burning Man.

Notice I don’t say, “I’m home.”
Because I consider both places homes.


It was a different year for me.
But still perfect.
It was hotter.
It was dustier.
I danced less.
I spent more time out in the hot nights.
I got lots of kisses.
I got even more hugs.
We did HugNation twice on the Playa.


I spent more time in the temple.
I cried lots.
I thought about grandpa.
I left his ashes in the temple.
The Hugmobile proved to be an amazing home and relentless teacher.
I am in her dept forever.
Currently she is sick. It takes 2 people and a few sparks to get her started (a miracle playa repair.)
And this morning while I slept in the back, she overheated on I5 and blew a gasket. She is alone and scared in burbank for a week. Luckily, she is in good hands.And she has plenty of time to rest up, recover, and process before we leave on our tour.
And so do I.

(unedited photo of double rainbow ending at Huggy)