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From Yahoo hate to Yahoo love

what a difference a few years make…

In the late 90’s, until 2002, Yahoo had a print magazine called “Yahoo Internet Life.”
They once did an article called “Sites We Hate.”
I was number three on their list.

Q: What do you get when exhibitionism collides with HTML?
A: John Halcyon Styn’s vainglorious Web shrine. The site took top honors at the 2000 Webby Awards for Best Personal Site, but we’d like to nominate it for Best Example of Unbridled Narcissism Online. When Styn isn’t busy modeling another gender-bending outfit, he’s either naked or, in a sort of vanity reductio ad absurdum, wearing a T-shirt with his own URL emblazoned on it. Not since Zsa Zsa Gabor has someone tried so hard to be famous for the sake of being famous. In a universe teeming with vanity sites, this is the one to beat. []

**Five years later**
In 2007, Yahoo started a video journalism series, “People of the Web,’” looking at the people doing good on the internet. Grandpa and I were profiled as their launch episode as love warriors.

Home to Solana

I’m back home!
At around 6, the sunset and moonrise were both apocalptic red.
There were a couple reverse 911 calls on the answering machine saying “prepare to evacuate.”
The fish are fine.
The air tastes bad, but is survivable.
The hugmobile did not get a parking ticket.
Netflix has suspended delivery to my area.

All things considered, all is well.

Fire Status

I’m still in Venice Beach. My home is supposed to be safe, but it is downwind of some gnarly fires and smoke. Plus the I-5 between LA and SD continues to look sketchy.

It’s all so odd.

Im uncomfortable and want to go home. But my home is uncomfortable, too.

I also keep thinking there should be something that HugNation and the Hugmobile could do.
Maybe visit evac centers? But the news keeps telling people they are over-staffed and to stay away.
I have extra DVDs of “Love on Demand” but that seems like a cruel gift if your DVD player may be destroyed.

It’s all surreal and hard to believe.

In fact the last month has been otherwordly. From pink tours, to deaths of friends, to my hometown burning.

I guess this unsettled feeling I have isn’t too suprising.

I should probably plan on listening to a Jacob lecture or 2 tomorrow. I need to anchor.
But above it all, I am still feeling full of gratitude. My family is all safe and unharmed. And I have been overwhelmed by offers of help and shelter.

Love is fireproof.