4 thoughts on “HugNation Oct 23 video”

  1. Recorded memories are so wonderful, but nothing is quite as magical as being with friends and family and remebering together moments or stories or events from the past. They come alive again within the new laughter and new tears in a way that recorded memories don’t. Thank God you and Shonda are safe and your abilities to create memories goes on. I pray that when you return home, all will be in tact and you’ll be recording dolhpins playing to share with us all again soon!
    Much Love ~

  2. Porn movies and nutrition bars, lol.

    I would grab all my animals and food for them, blankets. Anything for my animals to survive on. For me clothes and spiritual books,music.

    I am sending everyone over there love and good energy.

    John from one soul to another I love you. No one moves me and inspires me like you do.

  3. *hugs* this made me tear up hun… I loved it and it was good to hear… May everything be well for you and all your loved ones…. thankyou for being such an awesome person and for constantly giving hope and faith to those who have very little and are having an impossible time… you have no clue what your words mean to some and to some…

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