Fire Status

I’m still in Venice Beach. My home is supposed to be safe, but it is downwind of some gnarly fires and smoke. Plus the I-5 between LA and SD continues to look sketchy.

It’s all so odd.

Im uncomfortable and want to go home. But my home is uncomfortable, too.

I also keep thinking there should be something that HugNation and the Hugmobile could do.
Maybe visit evac centers? But the news keeps telling people they are over-staffed and to stay away.
I have extra DVDs of “Love on Demand” but that seems like a cruel gift if your DVD player may be destroyed.

It’s all surreal and hard to believe.

In fact the last month has been otherwordly. From pink tours, to deaths of friends, to my hometown burning.

I guess this unsettled feeling I have isn’t too suprising.

I should probably plan on listening to a Jacob lecture or 2 tomorrow. I need to anchor.
But above it all, I am still feeling full of gratitude. My family is all safe and unharmed. And I have been overwhelmed by offers of help and shelter.

Love is fireproof.

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