it is bad

The fires are really bad. The air here is terrible. I have been on “prepare to evacuate” standby all day.

But I am planning on heading to Venice soon to get some clean air. I have been away form home so much, I REALLY wanted to hunker down and be productive…but priorities change.

I’ve packed my hard drives, about a hundred mini DV tapes, toiletries, and some clothes.

Just dropped a 3-day fish feeder in the tank. Good luck, San Diego.

find your feather

a pink feather has become a significant symbol from me. Part Richard Bach’s “Illusions.” Part Grandpa Caleb Wings. Part Hugmobile Hope. (pic from SD Decom)

Back from Decom. Safe from fires.

I spent the weekend in Borrego Springs (The adoption place of the Hugmobile!) for the San Diego Decompression event. The weather was ALOT like Burning Man. Hot, with lots of dust and wind.

The event was way out in the gorgeous desert and filled with awesome people.

The other decoms I’ve been to are like playa parties, the SD one is like playa camping and living.

On the way home we noticed lots of smoke in the air. Turns out we were lucky we left when we did. Many of the areas around the event look like they are fighting serious fires. Even after we got home, the entire afternoon was thick with smoke.

It was an awesome weekend…but it is nice to be home and showered.

Tour Comedown

The final Hug in San Diego was great!
Lots of my family and several friends came. And I made new friends, too.

But it was also strange. Maybe even sad.

I didn’t want the tour to end.

Being on a hug tour makes your days filled with purpose and massive doses of love.

The tour was all motion, potential and hope.

So it is harder than I thought to slip back into old patterns and responsibilities.

I miss the sweet smell of future possibilities. The overpowering scent of purpose.
For the last few months, the fragrant idea of the tour has enhanced my days, regardless of what I was working on.

I need to get back into my exercise and spiritual practices. I need to write more and listen more. I need to float more.

Hopefully I’ll pick up a new scent from the universe soon and begin a new journey of love.

more pics

Venice Hug today @ 1

We’re getting ready to head over to Venice and put up my new “HUG” sign. 🙂

If you are in the LA area and have some good vibes to spare, the world could use ’em. 🙂

Group hug and good vibes @ 1:00 🙂

(pic from yesterday’s LA Decompression.)

We’ll be at the park in front of the BEACH Walk Cafe (aprox 1400 block on the boardwalk)
zephyr & speedway, 90291

wherever you are at 1pm Pacific! Give a squeeze and think about the PEOPLE that fill the world…each with love in their hearts.
AND you should be able to see us on this webcam!


HugNation CNN clip!!

If you missed me on CNN, here is a version copied off my TV! I finally saw it and am SO STOKED! I think they treated me pretty good.

If you have Flash 9, a better Quality version is live on the CNN site here!


Join us in Venice, CA on Sunday and San Diego (across from Balboa Park) on Tuesday!!!!

And Videos from Seattle, Portland, SF, Sactown & more at