Tuesday's HugNation Vids

I pre-recorded the “Tao Buffet” story for yesterday. I did it for several reasons: 1) We’ve had some tech troubles last few weeks with audio and 2) They are doing construction at my apartment, so I wasnt sure what the background noise would be like.

And it worked out pretty well for the live show!

The story, “Don’t Pester The Monks”

And the Live Hug, too:

Family Thanks, Tofurkey, and an Octopus Attack (video)

My Thanksgiving was AMAZING! So much so, that it inspired THREE videos from the day…

To start the day, before I went to my folks to eat, I recorded some thoughts about one of my favorite holidays:

But one tradition that did not change was our annual trip to the beach. We try to time dinner so that we can be at the beach at low tide.
Every Thanksgiving and Xmas: Put the bird in, head to the beach, come back, clean up..and eat.

Today at the Beach we saw tons of starfish – purple and orange like the color of popsicles.

But then I saw a true tide pool treasure, the rarest of the rare, the “black orchid” of the barnacles…
An Octopus!

I didn’t want to pry it out of it’s hiding place, but I wanted to meet him, all the same.

So I held out my fingers to see if he would grab on to me.


Personal Pulpits – HugNation 11.20.07 (Video)

Rev. Doug was honored for 50 years in the ministry. When he spoke to the congregation he said, “You are all ministers”

I knew exactly what he meant.

While there may be schooling required for human organizations, that is not needed to walk the walk.

Someone who becomes a minister doesn’t need the qualification of enlightenment, just of intention.

The intention of living according to certain ideals and sharing those beliefs.

Our path and our words speak our sermons whether we like it or not.

Nowhere is that more obvious than with children.
Which is why every parent is charged with a parish.

The flock may be small, but it is still a huge task.

But the same is true with everyone we encounter. Even professionally.
Even at the mall, in a restaurant, in a bar.

How do you interact with people? Do you gift them respect? Do you listen? Do you speak honestly?

I realize that those goals may not be a part of your job… but COULD they be?

A smile in the hall. A thank you. A half a bagel. A sincere question about their kid’s baseball game? Embracing the people around you (metaphorically) with warmth.

Im not talking about being preachy. I’m talking about being aware that your path IS your message. So choosing to make that message one of integrity and love. It takes almost no more effort to do so….just a shift in your focus.

You may not get thanked for it, but it does make a difference.

Being a minister isn’t a role that occurs in churches while wearing a uniform.

It is an inherent part of being a human.
Every interaction is an exchange of energy on some level.

Every interaction has the potential to be infused with love.

Every time you smile at someone. Every time you listen. Every time you acknowledge someone, you are acting as “clergy.”

The only question is, what message will you preach?

origins of (my) faith

Last night I went to a celebration honoring my childhood pastor’s 50 year anniversary of ordination.

He was a great minister.

I remember telling him all sorts of doubts and questions during my confirmation classes. And he encouraged it. He did not try to persuade or convince me of anything. He encouraged me to seek and find what worked for me.

I am VERY grateful to have had him be my introduction to religious authority.

Last night I was extremely weepy during the service. almost everything made me cry…not in a sad way. Just unfocussed, overhwelming emotion.

I think I understood why when I was leaving the church. As I exited and gave Rev. Doug a hug, I accidentally said, “Thank you, Grandpa.”