Tuesday's HugNation Vids

I pre-recorded the “Tao Buffet” story for yesterday. I did it for several reasons: 1) We’ve had some tech troubles last few weeks with audio and 2) They are doing construction at my apartment, so I wasnt sure what the background noise would be like.

And it worked out pretty well for the live show!

The story, “Don’t Pester The Monks”

And the Live Hug, too:

One thought on “Tuesday's HugNation Vids”

  1. Thanks Hal…I followed your twitter tinyurl to the site…and watched the Tao vid…but for some reason never saw the live hug…do I need to do something once I’m on the site? I really wanted to be a part of it so I just closed my eyes at 1:00 PST and imagined a universal hug! I’m so glad I stumbled across you on twitter…I LOVE HUGNATION…and what your doing for universal consciousness!
    Justene AKA Justenie

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