2007 Highlights

I’m not a fan of Resolutions, but only because they set you up to fail. I *do* think that New Years are great “markers” to pull your head out from the daily grind and take a birds eye look at where you are on your path. “How are things going? Need to adjust the trajectory at all?”

It is also a great time to look back and remember all the year’s highlights.

For me, this was the year of the Caleb’s.
My 2007 was defined by the passing of Grandpa Caleb and the growing of Nephew Caleb.
Both have been joyous beyond description.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Hosted the “Huggable V-Day” gathering with Grandpa.
  • Held Grandpa’s hand as he passed.
  • Gave a Eulogy. Authored a tribute DVD.
  • Attended & spoke at SXSW
  • Nominated for a 2nd Webby.
  • Went to New York to accept People’s Choice Webby. (Hugged Rob Cordry)
  • Yahoo featured HugNation on their Homepage.
  • Recieved divine inspiration to build the Pink Ark (the Hugmobile.)
  • Participated in my 10th Burning Man.
  • Heard my nephew call me by name.
  • Went to Colorando to spread Grandpa’s Ashes and bond with family.
  • Did the first ever 6 city HUG TOUR with Spotman.
  • went to SF, LA, and SD Decoms
  • Featured on CNN.
  • Learned tons from Hugmobile “challenges.”
  • Fell in love with Andicat.
  • launched “Belief Buffet.”
  • relaunched LifeStudent.com!

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sat morning in browns

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