Happy Bday, Dlove!!

(Deron painted this piece, which hangs in my bedroom. He is also the one on the left. My brother and grandpa Caleb are also hidden in the picture.)

Deron Cohen, whom I’ve known for 30 years, is having a birthday today.
He has been an inspiration, confidant, and friend for more adventures than I can count.
We went to elementary, Jr. High & High school together.
He was the only person I kept in close contact with in College.
I went to my first Rave with Deron in 1991.
We went to our first Burning man together 10 years ago, and have camped together every year since.
We were dubbed “a couple of Good Time Players” one night a decade ago by a homeless man…and I don’t think a better description exist.
Happy Birthday, D!!! A Good Time Player if ever there was one.
Love you, brother!
Deron’s Art | Deron’s Myspace

And a very funny video of my Brother, Me, and Deron talking like guys talk. (NSFW)

Hug Nation clips from today

As always, the crowd was great. A good mix of veterans and enthusiastic newcomers.

In this clip, I read a quote from the Dalai Lama and try to draw connections between his words and the aims of Hugnation. Basically focussing on how similar we are, instead of our differences:

I mention politics *slightly* then we get into a r a m b l i n g, love-filled hug:

I am the Octopus Whisperer

I am the Octopus Whisperer

Last month, while cruising tidepools, I saw an octopus dart under a rock. For some reason, I was drawn to it and put my hand near the opening of it’s cave. he GRABBED HOLD of my arms with far more strength than I expected. I now feel a special bond with my octo-family.

Here’s the video of my Octo-encounter: