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Naked Yoga, Labels, and You

In a lecture recently, Jacob Glass shared his experiences with a men’s naked yoga class. Thankfully, it wasn’t at all what I expected to hear.

I’m sure there were nightmare moments with a room full of men in downward dog. I mean, there are some angles of scrotum-viewing that should only be seen by doctors.

But what Jacob shared was the sense of liberation.

And one of the things that struck me was the awareness that, in this naked state, we are without many of our tools of judgment. Without fashion, we lose much of the “evidence” of how we are different.

Ahh, what a glorious thing. To lose the clues we use to separate us.

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Well, after failed plans and romantic notions of taking the hugmobile I had resolved that I was not going to make it to Austin this year.
Alas, things just feel into place! Yippeeee!! Tex-mex, here I come!

from SXSW years past, when I used to host the award show. (This year I was a judge):

HugNation today at 1

I’m looking forward to sharing a bit of HugNation love with you all today!

HugNation, Grandpa, and this Love Momentum has been in my thoughts a lot this week.

Someone pointed me to a “best Web video of the year” link that included the Yahoo feature on HugNation. It was wonderful (and emotional) to watch the 2 videos again and hear Grandpa’s voice so vibrantly.

I’ve also been writing more and hope to share some ideas after we have our hug.

Clips from last week’s HugNation: About Scientology and being Huggable and the Hug.

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