Seeing Ghosts

some thoughts on angels, souls, and spirit…

The only thing I know, is that I don’t know anything.

And one thing I recognize that I know nothing about is spirits, angels, aliens, ESP, Out of body experiences, or any “outside every day reality” experiences.

I recognize that just because I don’t have personal experience with something doesn’t mean it isn’t legitimate.

And just because it doesn’t resonate with me (so far) in life, doesn’t mean it won’t ever.

My understanding of the Universe is constantly shifting and evolving. To see the world any differently seems to deny myself the presence of the miraculous.

That being said, I have some thoughts on these “outside of reality” experiences.

Let’s say that spirits exist all around us.
And some people can see/hear/feel their presence.

Let’s say a psychic can hear their voice. Or see a glowing light.
Would the spirit need to actually manifest as that sound or vision?
Or would they simply need to stimulate the brain of the psychic so that the psychic *experiences* that sound or light?

We know that all of our perceptions are the result of brain interpretations. And you can actually make people smell things by poking their brains in the right places.

So isn’t it possible that a being that existed on a different realm of consciousness could have the understanding/ability to “plant” stimulus into our brains as a way to communicate?

That is why there are so many diverse paranormal experiences. The communication is a sort of partnership between the spirit and your brain. The spirit uses sensory concepts that will be understood by you.

So a devout catholic may see the virgin mary. Someone else may see Angel lights. Another may be visited by a family member.

The entity doesn’t look like any of those things. It merely works in partnership with your brain to find a way to communicate with you.

Now…what if that spirit is not outside us at all.
What if that “spirit” is an unknowable part of our brain. And when we learn to access it (through meditation, trauma, etc.) it tries to guide us by communicating the best it can using stimulus we might understand.
And the stronger it is, the clearer the messages.

Could this entity be our soul?

Perhaps the whole reincarnation process is the process of that entity gaining strength.

Like a flower bulb.

If it leads a healthy life, it is stronger next lifetime. If it has bad conditions, then it may not bloom the next year, or be smaller and weaker.

So our spiritual path is our attempt to tend our soul’s garden and facilitate the blooming of the spirit.

Who knows? It doesn’t quite resonate with me currently. But I remain open to possibility.

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