Hug Today!

I’m excited about Hugnation today.

1) It is Vday week! And that means it is time to get HUGGABLE! (aka “Love Day” for the single people.)

Here’s the video from Valentine’s Day a year ago. We invited everyone to join us for Grandpa’s last party. The love was magical:

song by Aradhana Silvermoon.

2) We’re going to try out the new Yahoo Live!

The topic will be “What is Natural? What is Sin?”

See you at 1pm Pacific in the lounge!

SXSW Dreams

As of this moment, I am not going to SXSW.

But I have not given up the possibility!

I’m trying to find a way to drive the Hugmobile out to Austin.

2600 miles at 5 mpg = lots to consider.

Looking into campground options.

We could even do a couple AZ HugNations along the way.

Think positive transmission karma for us. 🙂

griffinone 083