so you want to make videos…

A friend asked me a few questions about video blogging. Here are the thoughts I sent back to him:

1. Don’t worry too much about hosting it yourself when you are starting. Just start making videos. (But I would get a domain name for $10. I use
2. If you do want to start hosting. Get a cheap hosting account (i.e. dreamhost) that has automated WordPress Installs. Embed your vidoes there. (You can find WP plugins that will automatically re-post to your LiveJournal and other services.) WordPress also has countless template designs avail for free that are much better than you can do.
3. You can get started with whatever is built in your computer (iMovie or Windows Movie Maker)
4. You can start with a webcam or the video feature on your camera.
5. Do not expect lot of viewers. Far fewer people watch when I post a video versus when I post words or pics. People can’t skim videos, so unless you’ve built up trust for them, it is a lot to ask. (and there LOTS of people making videos. So trust is hard to come by)
6. Look into flickr video. It is very easy and the short form will force you to be brief.
7. Always export an uncompressed version and archive it.
8. Learn how to set up your RSS (and lots more) from
9. Use and upload to a bunch of sites for free (at the same time).
10. Do it for you.