RIP Henry

I sat stunned with bad news…. I decided to talk into the camera.

Henry had just visited the doctor on friday. He passed in his sleep.
It is strange, recording this made me feel a little better.

4 thoughts on “RIP Henry”

  1. Of course it’s ok to grieve and feel sad. We grieve and feel sad because we love those who we lost and feel compassion and love for the others who have been affected by the loss. By grieving and feeling sad, it means that Henry was LOVED. Too many children go through this life not knowing love. Henry was blessed to be loved by a family that absolutely oozes love. Grieve away, my friend. I’m so sorry to hear about Henry’s passing. My sympathy goes out to you and your entire family.

  2. Hey, I’m SO sorry for your loss. I just lost a female friend last friday to cancer. Loss is tough. Her husband couldn’t live without her so he killed himself shortly afterward. I haven’t the energy to write about it. The funeral is today. I usually come here because you’re a bright spot in my life. Seems like we both have tough times now. I commend your strength to post about it.

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