proposed sticker design for BM '08

vector (illustrator) file is uploaded here.

A few years ago, as the sun was setting on the Playa, I saw something wonderful.
It was a group of 5 naked people in their 50’s, hoola-hooping on the roof of a huge RV.

As the sun slipped behind the mountains in that magical way it does, the group of loose-skinned revelers began enthusiastically singing the national anthem.

At first I started to chuckle.

Then I realized they were singing with the utmost reverence.
And I was struck.
While some would argue that this was everything wrong with America.
To me, that moment embodied the very heart of my national pride.

This dirty, genital-jangling, off-key, ‘kick-in-the-teeth-to-the-status-quo serenade might be judged harshly or even incite hatred by the mainstream…but, by god, we’ve got the right to do it.

THAT is Freedom.
THAT is what the American Dream means to me.


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