You never know who’s reading your blog

This video shows Caleb watching a video of me falling down. (He was also there in person…and laughed then, too)
He’s 26months and talks a lot. He has an adorable pattern of adding “now” to the end of most sentences. Like he some Eckhart Toll-ish zen master of The Now.The “I am Lord of The Vine” grape growing (and falling) video is after the cut.

3 thoughts on “You never know who’s reading your blog”

  1. so true man. I run into people and it’s so random when they say, “I saw that video where you did this” and it blows me away that THEY watched one of my videos or that they even knew I made them.

  2. Your brother is soooo calm. The way he says, “no it’s not” when Caleb claims something off-camera as his own is peaceful and yet strong.

  3. It has been so amazing to see this part of my brother blossom. He and My sis-in-law have superhuman patience and overflowing hearts. 🙂

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