The Journey

I leave on Saturday for my 11th Burning Man.
But for me, the pilgrimage began 2 months ago.

The preparation weeks are bliss for me.
It’s like I have a Pavlovian response…and I start to CREATE. Ideas fly thorough my head. Everything looks like a part of a sculpture or costume.
My world becomes a fury of paint/glue/fabric/cut/spray/glue/sweat/& love.
My apartment becomes a studio. The foam-cutting knife does not get put away after use. Nor does the glue gun.
Pink fur scraps infest my apartment…like some Fraggle virus.
And the artistic projects fill the house at an incredible rate.
During the pre-burn season I give myself permission to embrace a “Cut first – Measure later” design philosophy.
I let it ‘float more.’
And the stream brings such delights!
This year I’ve been inspired to create (with my mom & girlfriend’s help):
• A sticker design (chosen as the official gate sticker this year. Gifted to EVERY participant.)
• rubber stamp designs (x3)
• Art Bike (“All Hail Snuffleoctopus!”)
• Goggle-head-dresses (x2)
• Stencils (2)
• Tons of customized clothing,
• and now we’re working on decorating a Lounge on the Esplanade!

Plus I have 3 responsibilities for during the week.
1) Bike Ride – Wed. 12:00 noon @ Bat Country 9:30 & Espl.
2) HugNation – Sat. 12:00 noon Center Camp, spoken word stage.
3) And I also act as a Courier.

By “Courier” I mean that I bring things to the Playa for people.
I extend the offer every year on my blog that I’m happy to bring something on anyone’s behalf.
Sometimes it’s a picture to print out. Or old letters.
Letting go of an expectation or a regret.
This year a beautiful young woman sent me ashes of her child.
And a letter of celebration. Celebrating the miracle of the brief life.
She had named her child after Grandpa Caleb.
But he was very premature.
Now Baby Caleb’s ashes are making the same journey as his namesake.
But I can’t help but think that from the perspective of the Cosmic Dance…it is beautiful.
We are born. We live. We die.
We are loved. We love.
The number of breaths we take does not determine the worth of our lives.
Rather, it is the purity of the journey.

So this year’s Burning Man Journey is infused with not only a narcotic creative frenzy, but also a depth.

And a renewed appreciation of the Journey itself.

If you are going to Burning Man, I will be camped at 9:30 and Esplanade. No amount of planning can force encounters to happen, but if our journeys do cross paths, please say hello! I’d love to share a magic moment.

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9 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. You wax poetic dearie. Your creative nature is inspiring and a breath of fresh air to this artist gal over here. You break the mold in so many ways but not in obvious ways. That is worth its weight in gold

    Thanks for the sticker btw,

    Kat/Catwoman69y2k (twitter)

  2. Awh. Thats very awesome and inspiring. I feel so blessed to share another year with you on the playa. Life is so delicate and precious and I’m glad that we can celebrate it together.

    “The number of breaths we take does not determine the worth of our lives.
    Rather, it is the purity of the journey.”

    Thank you for this. I love you!

  3. A suggestion for your audio needs on the drive, the original radio broadcasts of ‘The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ are a great listen 🙂

  4. Halcyon, your glue gun-inspired imaginations have taken root in me. I’ve got a pair of American Dream-style bellbottom gaiters with gold trim that owe their conceptual genesis to you. See you on the Playa, brother!

  5. Best wishes for a fabulous burn – Won’t see you this year and am very sad about it. I so desperately want to be welcomed home! Blessings for a magical week filled with random beauty, kindness and boundless love.
    Many hugs

  6. *cries* You know, it’s been almost a year and I’ve never read this entry. Now, scouring your blog for tour info and BM stuff, I find it. Thank you, SO so much, Hal. You and the Hugnation family have really helped me so much I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am everyday to have wonderful people like you to keep me happy 🙂

    This year at BM I’m planning on spending quite a bit of time in the temple or the Man or whatever get burned this year. I want to burn the things of Baby Caleb’s that I’ve been clinging to that just cause pain. I’m going to write out all the crap I’ve been putting up with for so long on the walls, so I can focus on the cone 🙂

    You’re such an inspiration! I’m taking the lifestudent concept seriously now and spreading the love!


    Can’t wait to see ya on the playa!

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