“Bats In The Wind”

When I got back from Burning Man, tons of people said, ‘I heard you guys had a doozy of a dust storm.’ As if Burning Man was ruined. HUH!? After 11 burns, I LOVE dust storms. They are esssential for people to reach the level of surrender necessary for people to evolve. You cannot transform while you hold on to your old patterns.

Saying that “Dust Disturbs Burning Man” (as the NY Times Headline said) is like saying “Frosting Disturbs Cupcakes.”

This is a music video homage to the spirit of my camp mates at Bat Country. As well as the root spiritual perspective that governs my life.

20 thoughts on ““Bats In The Wind””

  1. That was awesome! The dust storms are some of the best times I had. I bonded with old friends, and new friends.

    Thanks for this. I can’t wait to go back home.

  2. this made me cry … i have never been to the Playa … and long to go. i live in the middle of colorado and don’t know one human being who attends … yet every year since i’ve been reading you … i long to be part of that glorious city … thanks for sharing this beautiful piece.

  3. One of the BEST Burning Man vids I’ve ever seen, short, sweet, dusty perfection! Thanks once again Hal – you make the world a better place!

    RAVEN – I’m in Colorado! Denver, I’m a burner with a huge Burning Man community that has been waiting for you! Wanna go next year with me (and my friends, and your friends and their friends)? First lesson of a gift economy – put out there what you want, need, have a yearning for and ta da, there it is!


  4. You captured the spirit so completely with your tribute! It was just as the dust, on, over and around everything. What a wonderful memory I have of this year’s Burning Man. Thanks for the reminder. Everything is perfect just the way it is.

    Remember, remember, remember.

  5. Beautiful Hal. I missed Burning Man this year, “Life” got in the way. I’m quite envious, but love the fact that I can experience it via your videos. Bravo!

  6. I just had to email this video the my friend, Robby Steinhardt, who was a member of Kansas and played the violin in “Dust in the Wind”. He’s going to dig the hell out of this! We were at a bbq at his place in Tampa a couple of years ago and the subject of Burning Man came up and he said he always wanted to attend but hadn’t made it yet. Maybe this will inspire him to make the trip next year.

    The video is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Beyond words….

  7. That is such an awesome video! Everyone asked me when I got home about the dust storm(s) and I told them it was some of the best moments of the week! It brought all of us together for amazing conversations. The night of the burn, the weather report said it would continue from Noon that day to Noon the next day… but it stopped right before the burn. Why? Because the playa has a mind of it’s own and loves it’s guests!!! Thank you for posting this video! 🙂

  8. I’m wiping away tears at the beauty of the people in this video and my memories of an incredible week at Burning Man. I’m so grateful to you for sharing this and for the lovely quote from The Course in Miracles. ‘Seek not to change the world but choose to change your mind about the world.’
    Filled with Gratitude for you, and for life on this wonderful planet,
    -Ms Presto

  9. Standing a top the industrial, iron platform during Monday’s dust storm was one of the most meditational, lifting, emotional, connecting moments in my life! I was on the top floor, I angled my body at a 45 degree angle into the wind & was being cradled by the wind. All I could hear was the sound of the wind whirling past my ears like a freight train. I looked up &: a small glimpse of the orange ball of fire that sits in the sky. I set my intentions for this year’s burn, I felt connected to everything & everyone through love, wind, Him or Her & cried. I will NEVER forget that moment in my life…

  10. That is so awesome, Sommer. And just think, if you saw the storm as an adversary, you would have spent that time huddled up, waiting for it to end. The tragedy!

  11. ((HUG)) to you, Ms Preston! It’s amazing how much of my spiritual path is illustrated in technocolor on the playa.

  12. ha…well, I hope Kansas doesn’t ask me to take it down. If you end up reading this, Robby, it is purely non-commercial!

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