Yes, I cried during today's HugNation

*unedited portion of today’s Hug, including getting dressed in special ‘hug garb.’*

Wow. What a journey the last hour was.

I shared stories…
Then tried to share a video about surrender…
Then ran into tech trouble…
Then got frustrated…
Then surrendered…
Then cried…
Then laughed at the absurdity of getting frustrated trying to show a video about surrender.
I feel emotionally exhausted. I feel like we all went through something together today.
It is such an honor and privilege to have a network of love that allows me to be so raw.
Thank you.
*unedited clip after I cried*

6 thoughts on “Yes, I cried during today's HugNation”

  1. Sweet gorgeous lovely man!
    I haven’t even watched the clips yet ( I am about to though!!) and I just wanted to send you ((((HUGE HUGS))))
    with much Love

  2. First there was a super fab outfit…then there were these loving hands helping you get into it and that was just the most gentle loving thing I’ve seen today…and I’ve seen lots of loving today!

  3. And wow…Burning man just kinda blows you open huh!?

    Our day to day states remind me of eggs…in the protective shell…lost the protective shell…cracked shell…broken shell…hard boiled…soft boiled and raw.

    Raw is good and essential and the gift of being blown open…everything can move and heal…but I kinda like soft boiled too warm and squashy for day to day!

    Sending heaps of love and hugs

  4. Honestly cant say how I would of reacted hd I actually saw you live on cam today, having a whining sobby moment (that wasnt out of pure love and joy). Everyone has a moment, hon and IM only sorry your vulnerableness had to be shared online. Mishaps happen hon. Key is to laugh about it (like you did) and not be hard on yourself about it.

    Damn. You are so funny on your “coverup” of what you went through. I love you, dude.

  5. aww, it wasn’t too whiny. I cry easily when I get emotional. It was actually a glorious little cry while watching the Burning Man video about surrender. 🙂 And, with some distance, I can see the poetry of the whole hour. 🙂 Love you, too.

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