Inspiration! (Art idea for BM ’08)

During HugNation, I often talk about how the "ME" we identify with is actually just the surface crust of who we are. I have a vision of a metal frame of a human form, outlined with wood.
The wood would have words and images that "identify" people. Skin color, religion, sports team affiliation, etc. People could add to the wood with markers.
At the end of the week, the wood crust would be burned off.
All that would remain is the pure, perfect loving one-ness that makes up EVERY one of us.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration! (Art idea for BM ’08)”

  1. what a brilliant idea.

    since i won’t ever make it to burning man, i may have to watch your creation along the way and do this in my back yard. 🙂

  2. ‘Ye gods man. You never run out of good ideas. I been trying to figure out a way to express that in a photoshoot. The sculpture with wood woul be a great idea. The markers are a good touch since alot of people Id themselves with things like what thier job is or what crew they run with. INane things like that when you compare it with the bigger picture.

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