Earthdance + Burning Man + Crystal Method = Love

due to back trouble, I am not able to attend an Earthdance fund raiser being held by (among others) members of the CRYSTAL METHOD. Now, I looooove Crystal Method.

Even though I am a bit of an invalid right now, I wanted to “dance” with them all today in spirit.

So I edited this Music Video of my last Burning Man footage to a SICK track by Crystal Method called “Glass Breaker.”

2 thoughts on “Earthdance + Burning Man + Crystal Method = Love”

  1. hey…so i have always wanted to go to Burning Man. I have never been able to figure out how. i only know you as someone who goes and would understand…and it would be hard for me to drag much over from hawaii (esp now, with the airline restrictions).

    anyway, i’m going to try and go in 09. it may be my last chance as after that, i may be in australia, permanently, and until i get enough money in the bank, a trip like that would be really hard. so, i am slowly gearing up. i am working on goggles and shoes, based on what i have seen and read from you…but i noticed in your videos, you have a gas mask. any tips on getting one of those? i know nothing about that! i have shoe shopping down, and being an ophthalmic tech, goggles deal with eye protection, so that i can get done (hurray for knowing how to cut my own lens and thus being able to pop in super protective lens to my goggles).

    anyway, slowly but surely, i am going to try to go this year. even if all i can afford is one carry on bag, and the hope of a ride to the playa….

  2. I went to burning man for my first time this year. I was invitied last minute and with a quick google and researching on burning man so i was prepared, i found your blog. I watched a couple of your videos and read things you wrote and was quite intrigued by your individuality and how genuine you are! I went to burning man, photographed my life away and also kept my eyes open for you. I had forgotten your location in the playa but hoped I would run into you. I hadnt but who knows what faith will do. I will soon be launching a travel section on my site with burning man photos in it…check it out! Also if my stupid blog was working, i would have been updating constantly… (i need to fix this)

    <3 Nato TUKE

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