HugNation! Today at 1pm PST

Today’s topic will be “Being a Person While Working for The Man.”

I have had some questions (and some attacks) based on my consulting work, recently. I want to take an opportunity to discuss my choices. I’ll try to get into my beliefs about about personal responsibility while being a part of “The System.”

I think it comes down to a matter of where you draw your line.
Kinda like “Do not kill.” We all have o decide where the line resonates with us.
For you, would that include animals? What about insects? what about microbes? I’m told the Jaine religion sweeps in front of themselves to avoid stepping on any living thing. Personally, I’m guilty of intentionally killing a silverfish or spider every so often.

I think we have to choose our place within the existing capitalist system in very much the same way.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What work would you not do? What would you do? Would you design business cards for a company that had political views contrary to yours? How about a working as a meter maid? Feel free to share in today’s chatroom, email me, or post a comment here!

p.s. My nephew Carter is 1 week old and already a member of HugNation!

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