90 secs – Huggable Monster Remix

It wasn’t a bad day.
Nothing that happened was particularly bad.
But I did have a bad attitude.
Or I should say, My inner “Bad Attitude Dragon” was particularly feisty.
I had to remind myself all day to refocus and remember what was important.
Not a work setback.
Not a situation with the storage unit.
Not zits. (Or picking at them)
Not fictional fears about something that has yet to happen.
What is important is all the love I know to be a part of my life…RIGHT NOW.
My amazing girlfriend Andi.
My parents. My brother & his growing family.
My friends and campmates.
My digital family.

Ahhhh. That is better.
That is why I watched a video of my nephew running around in his Halloween costume 8 times today.
And then, to fully secure a more grounded headspace, I spent my evening re-mixing the video.
Today, “Huggable Monster” was my digital Prozac.

8 thoughts on “90 secs – Huggable Monster Remix”

  1. Sometimes those blessings are all you need to remember to get back on track. Insecurity is something you may never avoid but how long it sticks with you is important. *offers you some icecream as she stands there and hopes you forget the dog crap* 🙂

  2. he is one of the cutest. things. EVER.

    i had a crap day at the office as well .. and watching this a few times just relieved all my stress and put a huge smile on my face. how adorable.

    thanks for posting this .. and glad you found your center again.

    peace 🙂

  3. Its funny how you were talking about that you are not keen on the idea of Halloween going into the macabre (blood, gore, monsters that hurt people, etc..) but this monster is the best type. Hug! He is really becoming like you in so many ways! Did andicat get a cavity?

  4. Blessed Samhain, Halcyon!

    Spending early years with my niece was the greatest joy. Even though she moved away almost a decade ago, that bond holds fast. May it be the same with you and Bebbe Huggable.

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