Love vibrations

I got an email from a friend who has had some *very* tough times recently.
She watched the Grandpa video I re-posted and commented:

“I was sitting alone in bed after deciding not to go to Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. I was just going to sit here alone. This video had tears streaming down my face. Because of your video and your Grandpas wise, loving words, I will be getting out of bed today and sharing the blessings I DO have with my parents and my brother today. It will be hard but there still is so much to be grateful for.”

It is so amazing to feel the vibrations of my grandpa that continue to resonate after he is gone. I was struck with the thought:
To be eternal, shower the world with love. When your shell is gone, Love’s song rings on.

grandpa caleb

Blessings on you, my brother, my sister!

I feel so lucky that “giving thanks” has become a part of my daily practice. It is one of MANY things I learned from my Grandpa. Making a point to focus on your blessings before every meal gives every day a bit of the loving glow that makes Thanksgiving so wonderful.

Here is Grandpa giving one of his last Grace’s from his hospital bed:

Below is the short “grace” that Andicat and I say before every meal. It is a modification of the grace that Grandpa used to say before every meal:

“Dear universe, thank you for the miracles in every moment. Help me to be aware of all my blessings and be a loving presence in the world.”


give thanks