Blessings on you, my brother, my sister!

I feel so lucky that “giving thanks” has become a part of my daily practice. It is one of MANY things I learned from my Grandpa. Making a point to focus on your blessings before every meal gives every day a bit of the loving glow that makes Thanksgiving so wonderful.

Here is Grandpa giving one of his last Grace’s from his hospital bed:

Below is the short “grace” that Andicat and I say before every meal. It is a modification of the grace that Grandpa used to say before every meal:

“Dear universe, thank you for the miracles in every moment. Help me to be aware of all my blessings and be a loving presence in the world.”


give thanks

2 thoughts on “Blessings on you, my brother, my sister!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Hal

    I will see about adopting this form of grace for our meal today. Lets see if I can cook and not burn the house down.


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