What does it mean to be a “Lifestyle Artist?”

I used to say, “Just because I don’t play an instrument doesn’t mean I can’t live like a rock star.”
Culturally, we expect people to live within some pretty narrow lines. If you live outside those lines – in appearance, or demeanor, or life path – you are quickly put into another box marked either, “Eccentric,” “Homeless,” or “Artist.”

But “Life as Art” is more than just an excuse to shun the rules and run wild.
Lifestyle Art is rooted the art innovators of the last century. People like Duchamp & Pollack.
Each of these artists stretched the definition of art. To them, “Art” was not an object.

Art was more than paint on a canvas.

More than a sculpted stone.
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Love is Love.

Last time I went to a protest march was with my grandpa. I bet he would be protesting today.
love more

I am not attending any marches this weekend, but I applaud those that are. I hope some people get their minds changed towards tolerance. More importantly, I hope the frustration of this situation doesn’t lead to more division. Compassion, not anger, is the only path to progress.

Love is Love. And Love will prevail.


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