stream of political consciousness

Tomorrow is the 2008 Presidential election.
I find myself feeling very emotional…in a good way.
I have not been inspired by a politician in my lifetime anywhere NEAR what Obama does to me. He gives me hope.
His story is the American Dream. He speaks with the passion of MLK. He takes compliments with humility and seems to make tremendous efforts to demonstrate the values he speaks of. Hell, he even kisses his wife in a way I’ve never seen from a politic in before.
I love this guy.
“The lesser of two evils” has defined presidential elections for as long as I remember. Sure, I went to a Dukakis rally. And I had moments of deep admiration for Clinton… But I never had the feeling of “I would be PROUD to have this man represent me.”
And that is how I feel today.
It makes me think of my grandpa. I wish he could see America right now. I hope he can. I look around and see millions of people starting to believe in a country that my Grandpa has held onto for decades.
Tragically, Obama’s grandmother died this morning. I saw many blog and twitter posts saying, “That is so sad!”
But it only adds to the poetry. Here is a man with the hope of a nation on his shoulders…and now he has the spirit of his elders to help guide his way.
Is he human? Barely…but yes. Will he make mistakes and painful compromises within the existing political system? Almost certainly. In fact, I try to remind myself to be braced for the inevitable let-down.
But he inspires. And he comforts. And he is clearly brilliant.
Nobody can know what tomorrow brings.
And nobody can know what the best path will be.
But I trust Obama to choose the best path for America that he possibly can. And that is a feeling I haven’t felt in politics for a long long time. Maybe ever.
But while the country’s optimism soars, PLEASE do not get over confident.
Please take the time and get to the polls.
Make your vote count.
Tomorrow is a magical day. How will you look back on it?
Be one of the people who allowed the next phase of America to happen.