Eggnography needs your help!

my brother, looking guilty

What should we leave out for Santa this year?!

If you are new to the Eggnography tradition, here it is in a nut(cracker)shell:
My brother & I leave out an “adult” gift & silly note for Santa each year.

  • beard makeovers
  • self-help books
  • bondage equipment
  • (fake) illegal drugs
  • *check out older eggnography posts for detailed examples

The trick is to be funny & topical without crossing the line so far that you get coal in your stocking. (Yes, that happened the year we called Santa “obese” and left out carrot sticks. My stocking was filled with BBQ charcoal briquettes and a snippy note from “Santa.”)

Problem is, after more than a decade, our creativity is running thin!
Any ideas!? LEAVE A COMMENT or join us at HugNation today (LIVE) at 1pm pacific where I’ll talk about the tradition and we’ll brainstorm a bit.


(tree graphic by Janice)

One thought on “Eggnography needs your help!”

  1. You could leave out:

    * a free hug certificate. That hug would enable him to come back to your house and just be his true self rather than the same jolly old man image that he leaves us with each year.

    * Gift certificate to JT’s Stockroom so he can get the perfect harness for Miss Clause

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