Nature 1, Halcyon 0

eel bite

I reached under a rock overhang, hoping to encounter an octopus.
Felt a sting, pulled my hand out quickly and it was COVERED with blood. 2 deep razor cuts on both sides of my finger.
Andicat gave me her band-aid to help stop the bleeding.
Lifegaurd was shocked. All cleaned and bandaged now… should be okay.
But, seriously!?! an EEL BITE!?!?

Truth is… it was an awesome experience. I’m sorry I pushed boundaries with the ocean. Lesson learned.

hug shirt on the beach

beach cruiser

I got a package from Spreadshirt with some clothes I designed on their site (my store). I’m REALLY stoked with the these “HugNation” Thermals. They have the logo (in blue or pink) on the front, then “Love more.” and “Fear Less.” on the arms. 🙂

So far, I’m VERY happy with Spreadshirt’s service and products.