Newly Discovered “HugNation Tape 008” 2006

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I am just starting to put together a documentary about HugNation, GrandpaCaleb, and the Hubmobile. Part of the process involves having a number of tapes digitized and transcribed. I am discovering wonderful forgotten memories and even a tape I HAVE NEVER SEEN! Here is a portion when my brother was doing HugNation with Grandpa while I was at Burning Man:

Grandpa Caleb: I used to know Jim Erwin, and he was a man who drove the rover on the moon, changed his whole life. And that’s what it is; the world has changed so much. And now we’re getting ready to go back to Mars again…
And we undoubtedly come from the seeds of the stars. Cast out in the great Big Bang. You learned about Big Bang Theory? I believe in it. But I also believe we’ve evolved. Dynamic ooze and in the beginning, there was the creation of the heavens and the earth. And boy, will you look at this beautiful green tree [POINTS OUT WINDOW]. I hugged that tree, and I can almost feel the life in that tree. I’m really into that tree.

Jim: It’s a beautiful tree.

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