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I’ve been meeting with my friend at American Pig Clothing to plan and produce a “Tour Shirt” for the 2009 Hug Tour.

Now, i LOVE designing shirts. Most of what I wear are one-off shirts I’ve created at or But their systems are pretty limited in the type of shirt and printing you can do.
So I am EXCITED about what is possible working with a real T shirt company.

I’d like to do a short sleeve and a long sleeve version. The long sleeve might be a thermal, and would have the “love more. fear less” on the sleeves.

I never used to wear t-shirts. But over the last few years, I’ve grown to love these super soft, poly-blend monochromatic t’s from OBEY:

Maybe there is a way to do something along those lines using the HugNation logo or the Hugmobile imagery.

I think these 50/50 shirts are similar. Maybe this tri-blend.
rough thoughts:
t-shirt ideas

The back would have the cities/dates like a concert tour shirt.

If you have ideas or designs, LET US KNOW!

ALSO: We are looking for a good charity to partner with for the tour as well as Sponsors (who will be on the shirts, too.)

other ideas:
huggy shirt

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