25 Things About Me

1. My middle name was David before I changed it to Halcyon.

2. The hair on my arms and underarms differ from left to right. My left side is brown, my right is blonde.

3. I was High School Co-Valedictorian. And Head Powderpuff Cheerleader.

4. I was the “Tom” for CollegeClub.com, the largest college site from 1998-2000. My face was on banners, mugs, and the side of a Truck. I had 4 million “friends” before they ran out of money during the first great bubble burst.

5. I lost my virginity on Prom Night.

6. I was Sony’s first Ecommerce Webmaster. I managed the mall for the Sony Station around 1995-6 until they took it in-house. I got the gig by being in the right place at the right time…and bluffing.

7. I was sued by Fruit of The Loom for a parody I wrote called “Meat of The Loom.”

8. Sam Donaldson said of me on the air, “Get a load of that guy…what an ego!”

9. I built a webcam community called CitizenX with Dmitry Shapiro (of Veoh.com). It was way ahead of it’s time. I’m still afraid of startups.

10. I’ve been to Burning Man 11 consecutive years. And performed 2 weddings there.

11. I hosted the SXSW Web Awards for 3 years.

12. My Senior Honors Thesis in Psych was called “Just Say No if You Say So: Paternalism And Substance Attitudes.”

13. I pierced my left nipple when I was 20 after a life-changing experience on a Turkish mountaintop. I pierced the right nipple 10 years later.

14. I had a tongue ring briefly.

15. I have had dental work only once – I needed a crown after I broke a molar on my tongue ring.

16. I was a contestant on an “adult” reality show that shot in Jamaica and was shown on Pay-per-view.

17. I produced (and appeared in) a Charity Porn DVD to raise money for Katrina Relief. Habitat For Humanity refused our money, so we gave it to Burners without Borders.

18. The only bone I’ve ever broken is my skull (hairline fracture under my eye)

19. After college, I worked for 2 years as a counselor for emotionally disturbed boys aged 8-12 in a live-in facility.

20. I can’t fold clothes. When I worked at Banana Republic one holiday season, even a “folding board” couldn’t help me. (But I was an awesome Greeter.)

21. I lived in a 23 cam webcam house (Showers, too) with some Burning Man camp mates for 2 years. We tried to live artistic lives loudly and publicly, and invited others to participate via webcam.

22. I cut off my long hair on a daytime TV show with Danny Bonnaduci and Mario Lopez. (for Locks of Love.)

23. MTV blurred my ass during a 30 min doc they made about our Cam House experiments.

24. I have been grabbed by an octopus, bit by an eel, & ridden an elephant.

25. I have no tattoos.

I was tagged my several people on Facebook and had a blast doing this. Buuut, tagging people gives me crazy anxiety. So I’ll just say that I would LOVE to see your list of 25 if you do it. comment here if you do!

12 thoughts on “25 Things About Me”

  1. “24. I have been grabbed by an octopus, bit by an eel, & ridden an elephant.”

    on first read I thought it said, “… & ridden by an elephant.” I laughed.

  2. That’s a GREAT 25 things list…

    I think I’ve heard all of those from you over the last couple years, but never all in one place… Maybe I shall find the time to do this soon!


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