Things I Love Thursday

I’m a huge fan of GalaDarling’s “Things I love Thursday.” What a wonderful exercise in focusing on your blessings!

Here’s what I posted for today:

Goodness Transcribed – I am having old tapes of my grandpa digitized and transcribed. The treasures I am finding are amazing.

Good Media: Just finished up Season 4 of the WIRE on DVD. New Season of LOST. Slumdog Millionaire. Arrested Development on DVD.

Good Hair Day – I have changed my hair bleaching routine from 40 developer to 30. My scalp is still taking a beating, but a MUCH less intense one.

Good Things Ahead: Just got asked to be on the “How to Rawk SxSW” panel at SxSWi in addition to my core conversation about HugNation & spirituality online. PLUS I get to get my picture taken with Gala!!

Good Girl – my girlfriend just gets prettier and prettier to me. And her kisses more and more perfect.

One thought on “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Heh. I bleached/redyed my hair the night before Obama Day, & later realized that I had not only irritated my scalp but given myself an honest-to-goodness chemical burn in front of one of my ears; it was all bloody & everything. I felt pretty badass, to be honest, but I’m still buying a tub of 30 next time I get supplies.

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